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Gianni de Stefani

WATSU (WATer shiatSU) is a treatment that combines stretching and relaxation in warm water together with light pressure on some acupressure points,in order to provided wellness and help the re-establish a balance between body and mind. Harold Dull, the American that developed this work about 28 years ago, called it “an art of mental healing”.

Through gentle movement and acupressure, Watsu brings a deep sense of relaxation to all parts of the body while floating in 96-degree (34 celsius) water and while the body is stretched, glided and gracefully turned and floated by the practitioner.

Simone WatsuThe buoyancy of the water takes the weight off the vertebrae, facilitating movement in ways not possible on land. Watsu's gentle stretching and pulling promote flexibility and suppleness of the spine. Pregnant women benefit greatly from Watsu; as do athletes and those suffering from sore muscles and joints.

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