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Water Dance (Wata)

What is 'WATA' or WATERDANCE ?


Waterdance, also known as WATA, is similar to both WATSU and AQUAWELLNESS, except that a lot of movements are done without head support, and the receiver will experience a physical freedom which is said to transcend anything else. The body can be stretched and moved in unlimited ways, and often this opens a possibility for the receiver to investigate in other realities of movement in the underwater world. This, together with a deep state of relaxation, can bring a profound emotional release.

A description of a WATERDANCE session

Open yourself to the underwater world, glide through this 3-dimensional world and discover through this a unique sense of freedom within yourself. The light fades, sounds are muffled and time stands still while gravity disappears. This is a slow moving, alternate dance of submergence and emergence. The movements are waves, rolls, and twists, varying with inversions and moments of complete stillness. It is an ideal way to let go of old holding patterns and emotions, to find new openings, joy and connection.

The giver is tuning in to the breath of the receiver in the submergence and emergence. The dive-reflex begins at once when the face is going under water. The heart rate and the metabolism decreases, the unconscious breathing stops. When the face surfaces, the breathing goes on.

Just as in Watsu, Waterdance can be a powerful tool, which has influence on the different levels of being of the receiver. Regressions are possible, old feelings and fears can come up. But because the movements and the water it can be released and worked through.

Waterdance is a form of movement, which has playfulness and also surrender in itself. Importantly, there has to be trust between both people.

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