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Earth and Water-Dance

Manuela BlanchardA new course taking Contact Improvisation Dance into water, created and taught by Manuela Blanchard from Switzerland. See www.earthandwaterdance.com

What is Contact Improvisation in Water?

Contact improvisation (CI) is a partner dance form emerging from sharing physical contact in a playful cooperative way. The movers let the physical forces such as mass, momentum, friction and inertia lead them into the unknown. As no one decides where to go, they engage deeply in a non-verbal communication, where they listen to which dance wants to grow at the present moment. This a great experience of abandon and presence on the physical, emotional and spiritual level!

In this workshop you can discover the magic of improvisation mostly in water but also on earth, so that you will deal with the natural force of both elements.

The warm water invites you to let go and to experiment an organic and fluid way of moving. You learn how to play with its resistance and dynamic, how to transition between following the waves and making soft and clear propositions. You go into aquatic and sub aquatic explorations, experience effortless breathing and playing with the balance between weight and weightlessness.

On land you also learn how to let yourself fall, how to stay in graceful flow or dynamic stillness, or fall into motion. Approach: you will mainly learn improvisation principles and ways to offer a good and safe support in movement. There will be lots space for duets and group dance, in music or in silence.

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