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Roger AquawellnessAQUAWELLNESS (formerly called “Oceanic Aqua Balancing”) is a kind of bodywork in warm water, developed about 15 years ago from Kaya Femerling and Nirvano Martina Schulz. It combines elements of light movements and stretching, massage and mobilization of the joints in connection with breathing and energetic work conducted both on the surface and underwater.

The specific movements of both techniques allow the spine to move softly and allow your energy to flow naturally. You can experience the healing energies of water in a new way. Physical pain as well as emotional tension may be eased.

A session in AQUAWELLNESS starts with a relaxation phase on the water surface, like WATSU. Then your AQUA WELLNESS Bodyworker will carry, stretch, massage, rock, sway and swing you in a soft and effortless way. When you are deeply relaxed and open to it, the underwater phase begins. You'll receive a soft noseclip that keeps water from entering your nose while you are gently submerged.

Then a gentle dance of your body starts underwater. Harmonious playful movements develop between the "giving" and the "receiving" person. Your breathing rhythm and the one of your AQUA WELLNESS Bodyworker will melt together into one and become a natural flow of energy, an intuitive dialogue. At the end of the session you will be held in a caring way. Here you will have time to integrate feelings which might have come up during the session. AQUA WELLNESS is one of the most sensitive and gentle methods of aquatic therapy that can guide you through states of absolute peace, deep relaxation and feelings.

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